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The PASS Training Marketplace is an online store that primarily focuses on providing trainings for folks in the Underground Storage Tank (UST), Convenience Store, and Aboveground Store Tank (AST) industries.

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Featured Products

New! PASS now offers Active Shooter Employee Awareness Training. This is a unique course and features a focus on preventative measures!
New! Our Active Shooter Manager Awareness Training is a one-of-a-kind program developed by Fortress Preparedness Services!
Updated!  PASS has updated our Alaska A/B Operator Training! This course has been recently re-approved by the UST section of the Alaska DEC.
PASS has the only ICC approved Prep course. Your ICC Certification has to be renewed every two years.
Updated! This revamped A/B Operator Training covers Connecticut's 2021 underground storage tanks regulations.
One of our most requested trainings is now here! Take the Illinois BASSET training from right within the PASS Training platform.
Updated! This revamped and reapproved A/B Operator Training covers the 2021 revisions to Iowa's underground storage tank regulations!

NEW! PASS is excited to offer our neighbors in Michigan our brand new A/B operator training! This course has been approved by LARA and covers the newest Michigan regulations.
Updated! Hot from the presses, our new Nevada Class A/B operator training covers the newest regulatory changes.
NEW! PASS is excited to announce our new Oregon A/B operator training! This course has been approved by the Oregon DEQ and covers the current Oregon regulations.
Updated!  Most up-to-date A/B Operator Training approved by the state of South Dakota Division of Environmental Services.
This TABC Certification course teaches the laws regulating the sale or service of alcoholic beverages in Texas.
Updated! Our Washington D.C. A/B Operator course has been updated to meet the brand-new DOEE regulations published on February 21, 2020.
Updated! This new and improved A/B Operator Training covers West Virginia's current underground storage tanks regulations.
Updated! This new and improved A/B Operator Training has been updated to include Wisconsin's most recent regulatory changes for underground storage tanks.