The PASS Training Marketplace

The PASS Training Marketplace is an online store that primarily focuses on providing trainings for folks in the Underground Storage Tank (UST), Convenience Store, and Aboveground Store Tank (AST) industries.

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eFoodHandlers - Illinois Basic Food Safety Training is the core training module for food servers, handlers and preparers. 
Updated! Our Washington D.C. A/B Operator course has been updated to meet the brand-new DOEE regulations published on February 21, 2020.
New! PASS now offers Active Shooter Employee Awareness Training. This is a unique course and features a focus on preventative measures!
New! Our Active Shooter Manager Awareness Training is a one-of-a-kind program developed by Fortress Preparedness Services!
Updated! Our Pennsylvania A/B Operator course is back, revised to meet new DEP regulations and implementation dates.
Retraining is required every two years in Connecticut, make sure you stay current!
NEW!!! Our highly anticipated Tobacco Seller Training is here! Valid in all 50 states, Why wait! Go get your training today!  
PASS has the only ICC approved Prep course. Your ICC Certification has to be renewed every two years.
One of our most requested trainings is now here! Take the Illinois BASSET training from right within the PASS Training platform.
This TABC Certification course teaches the laws regulating the sale or service of alcoholic beverages in Texas.
UPDATED! Meets DHEC's new requirements.  A/B operators trained before May 2017, must be retrained no later than May 2020.