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Active Shooter Manager Awareness Training

Active Shooter Manager Awareness Training
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This Active Shooter Manager Awareness Training is a comprehensive preparedness module that provides guidance regarding risk assessments, written plans, training, drills and exercises, and threat assessments. Provided with the Manager program are an active shooter policy template, U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines, and a self-assessment tool.

This training course puts the primary focus on prevention, but safety guidelines should an armed attack occur are provided at the conclusion.

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Introduction Chapter 1
This chapter describes the goals and objectives of this training course and includes an overview of many of the topics to be discussed.

Tools for Prevention Chapter 2
This chapter guides the manager through methods of preventing an armed attack as well as how to instruct employees to help prevent an attack.

Increase Security Measures Chapter 3
This chapter provides details on how to improve security measures and reduce the possibility of an armed attack.

Preparedness Model Chapter 4
This chapter introduces the emergency preparedness model provides guidelines for using it effectively.

Preparedness Measures Chapter 5
This chapter describes step-by-step instructions for actions the manager can take to both prevent an armed attack and prepare for the event of one.

Recognizing a Credible Threat Chapter 6
This chapter provides guidelines on training employees to recognize and report credible threats. 

Response Actions Chapter 7
This chapter reviews safety guidelines related to responding to an active shooter incident.

Conclusion Chapter 8
This chapter provides a self-assessment tool for the manager to use to evaluate the business's level of preparedness.