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Marina Add-On Training - Class C

Marina Add-On Training - Class C
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PASS’ marina trainings (Class A/B and Class C) are supplemental courses and are designed to be taken in addition to a Class A/B or Class C operator training course.  They do not provide operator certification upon completion.

PASS offers two UST/AST operator training courses written specifically for UST/AST operators at marina fueling facilities. The courses cover additional regulations and requirements that are applicable to marina fueling facilities with one or more USTs or ASTs.

This add-on training course educates C operators on requirements and components unique to marina facilities. These include docks, marina dispensers, and marina piping. C operators learn how to monitor boat fueling, how to use nozzle bibs or collars, and how to clean up fuel spills. U.S. Coast Guard reporting requirements are also covered.

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Facility Overview Chapter 1
This chapter discusses systems and components unique to marina fueling facilities. These include docks, longer hoses and hose reels, docks, piping under docks, and piping transition points.

Fueling Rules Chapter 2
This chapter discusses what a C operator needs to know and do before, during, and after boat fueling.

Response & Reporting Chapter 3
This chapter helps Class C operators prepare for and respond to spills and releases at their marina facilities. This chapter provides information on the contents of a typical marina spill kit and specific marina spill reporting requirements.