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Non-Retail Facility Add-On Training - Class A/B

Non-Retail Facility Add-On Training - Class A/B
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PASS’ non-retail trainings (Class A/B and Class C) are supplemental courses and are designed to be taken in addition to a Class A/B or Class C operator training course.  They do not provide operator certification upon completion.

This add-on course covers requirements and components that are unique to most non-retail facilities. These include fuel types, cardlocked dispensers, satellite dispensers, and fire suppression systems, among others.

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Operator Overview Chapter 1
This chapter discusses the different types of non-retail fueling facilities, fuel types, and special considerations of staffed and unstaffed facilities.

System and Components Chapter 2
This chapter discusses systems and components unique to non-retail fueling facilities. These include main and satellite dispensers, hoses, emergency phones, and fire suppression systems.

Planning and Response Chapter 3
This chapter helps Class A/B operators prepare for and respond to spills and releases at their non-retail facilities. This chapter provides information on the contents of a typical non-retail spill kit and specific spill response procedures.