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Learn2Serve TIPS Florida Off-Premise Alcohol Training

Learn2Serve TIPS Florida Off-Premise Alcohol Training
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Product Description
TIPS Off-Premise Alcohol Training is specifically designed for people who sell alcohol and work in the retail liquor, convenience/gas station, wholesale club, or grocery industry. Through your roles in the sale of alcohol, you face a unique set of challenges. TIPS Off-Premise Alcohol Training has a special focus that takes into account the setting and demands of your job and the seller-customer and seller-manager relations within your industry.

This course is designed to build on your existing skills as a seller of alcohol to prevent underage sales, drunk driving, and sales to intoxicated customers. You will learn strategies and skills that can help you balance providing excellent customer service with ensuring only legal alcohol sales.

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Information Chapter 1

Skills Training Chapter 2

Practical/Rehearsal Chapter 3