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Learn2Serve Tennessee Responsible Beer Vendor

Learn2Serve Tennessee Responsible Beer Vendor
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Product Description
If you work at a retail food store designated as a responsible vendor, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) requires that you complete responsible beer vendor training. Additionally, the TABC also recommends that you complete training if you work at an off-premise beer retailer.  

This program is designed for clerks at retail alcohol establishments (not restaurants) and has been approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission as currently satisfying the requirements contemplated by the Responsible Vendor Training Program as defined at T.C.A. § 57-3-818. Certificate is valid for 1 year.

This course teaches you how to be a responsible seller of alcohol and how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability. You will learn how alcohol affects your customers; how to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers; how to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated; how to intervene when you need to refuse a sale to someone; how to prevent and deal with disturbances; how to accurately check IDs and recognize minors; how to prevent second-party sales; and how to refuse a sale.

Course Facts
Course duration: 4 hours
Renewal requirements: 1 year
Course structure: At your own pace, save progress as you go - 100% online, available 24/7

1 year
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Lesson 1: Introduction Chapter 1

Lesson 2: How Alcohol Affects the Body Chapter 2

Lesson 3: Recognizing Intoxicated Customers Chapter 3

Lesson 4: Preventing Disturbances Chapter 4

Lesson 5: Minors and Liability Chapter 5

Lesson 6: Second-Party Sales Chapter 6

Lesson 7: How to Refuse a Sale Chapter 7