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South Dakota eFoodHandlers - Basic Food Safety Training

South Dakota eFoodHandlers - Basic Food Safety Training
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eFoodHandlers® is a National, ANSI-Accredited  Food Safety Training Provider. Only $7. 

After completing our  6-part, 75 minute online certificate program, food handlers will understand basic food safety practices to keep the public safe. 

  1. Foodborne Illness Awareness
  2. Person-In-Charge role and responsibilities
  3. Proper Handwashing
  4. Health & Hygiene
  5. Cooking Temperatures
  6. Temperature Danger Zone
  7. Contamination & Cross- Contamination Control

3 years
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Basic Food Safety Training - South Dakota Chapter 1
Basic Food Safety Training is the core training module for food servers, handlers and preparers. It teaches them key principles to keep food and customers safe. This FDA-compliant course--2017 Version--includes information on, Cross Contamination, Temperature Control, Personal Hygiene and dozens of other topics food workers must understand and successfully perform in the workplace.