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National Human Trafficking Awareness Training

National Human Trafficking Awareness Training
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This course covers the laws and types of human trafficking, how to identify indicators of human trafficking, common control tactics, and legal actions to combat human trafficking.

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Overview Chapter 1
Introduction, description, goals and objectives. 

Labor Trafficking Chapter 2
Describes the methods of victim control, and the similarities of both labor and sex trafficking.

Control Tactics Chapter 3
Describes methods of forced labor of victims through coercion, threats or harm and legal actions.

Sex Trafficking Chapter 4
Describes the methods of grooming, manipulation and control victims.

Laws Related to Human Trafficking Chapter 5
Describes federal laws to protect victims, support them when they testify against abusers and prosecution of traffickers.

Legal Actions to Combat Human Trafficking Chapter 6
Describes methods of reporting suspected trafficking. Who to contact and the actions local, state and federal agencies take to prosecute traffickers or disrupt the businesses involved.

Contact Information Chapter 7