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Conflict De-Escalation/Aggression Management for Healthcare Security

Conflict De-Escalation/Aggression Management for Healthcare Security
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The Fortress Preparedness Services National Conflict De-Escalation/Aggression Management course provides training for healthcare security personnel to safely respond to disputes in order to minimize the risk of injury. 

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Overview Chapter 1
 Mr. Dotson is owner and lead instructor for Fortress Preparedness Services. Jay is certified as an instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, and the Center for Domestic Preparedness.  He teaches defensive tactics, active shooter response, martial arts, the Incident Command System, and the National Incident Management System.
 Mr. Dotson also is an awareness instructor in the following areas: improvised explosive devices, radiological improvised devices, weapons of mass destruction, and hazardous materials awareness. 
 His experiences include 25 years on the Muncie Police Department, 30 years at IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital Security, and 10 years as the Ball Memorial Hospital Security Chief.  He is a certified FBI hostage/crisis negotiator and an ILEA certified basic SWAT operator.

Emotions Chapter 2
The Emotions chapter describes strategies recognizing emotions experienced by patient and visitors.  Reducing  tension of the situation, staff support methods and empathic rapport.   

Behavior Chapter 3
The Behavior chapter provides strategies defuse stressful situations by acknowledging grievances, active listening skills and allowing the person time to vent.

Aggression Chapter 4
 the Aggression chapter provides skills for aggression redirect, setting boundaries and verbal contracting strategies.  

Physical Violence Chapter 5
The Physical Violence chapter covers personal safety tips, basic self-defense, escape, calling for back-up and safe control of situation.  

Recovery Chapter 6
The Recovery chapter reviews creation a success plan, staff debriefing methods and response improvement plans.

Training Video Chapter 7
The Training Video chapter provides visual and verbal details related to basic movements, stances, body language, escapes, blocks and control techniques.  At the completion of this chapter the participant will be emailed a certificate of aggression management training.