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Active Shooter Employee Awareness Training

Active Shooter Employee Awareness Training
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This training will educate and prepare students on how to detect, prepare for, and react to active shooter and other armed attacker scenarios. The employee training course focuses on preventative measures including recognizing credible threats, reporting threats to supervision, and operating procedures in the event of an attack. There are six chapters with a quiz at the end of each section and a final test at the completion of the training to ensure the retention of training material. Each student will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

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Introduction Chapter 1
This chapter first helps prepare students for the content to come. Then, it walks through defining an active shooter and discusses some of the reasons why this training is so important.

Learn About Active Shooters Chapter 2
This chapter dives into the heart of the content: the active shooter and the statistics involved with these emergency incidents.

Recognize Threats and Reduce Risk Chapter 3
In this chapter, students learn what signs to look for when trying to separate a legitimate threat from everyday activity.

Report Threats and Use Preventative Measures Chapter 4
This chapter discusses where the student can go to report a threat or to find help if needed.  It also discusses methods used to proactively prevent these incidents.

Reacting to an Attack Chapter 5
This chapter teaches students how to react safely if an incident occurs, no matter the level of preparation.

Review and Resources Chapter 6
This chapter includes a brief synopsis of some of the most important takeaways from this training. Also included are some resources and contact information for any further questions and additional information.