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Learn2Serve Food Handler Training Course (ANAB Accredited)

Learn2Serve Food Handler Training Course (ANAB Accredited)
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This course provides an overview of food safety issues, regulations, and techniques that will ensure you know how to maintain a safe environment. The course also teaches you the proper procedures for handling food so that you can reduce the risk of foodborne illness.

Course Objectives
1. Define food safety and its goals, benefits, impact, and proper adherence.
2. Recall biohazards, symptoms and causes of common foodborne illnesses, identify spoilage signs and causes.
3. Identify three types of contamination, explain how food becomes hazardous, and recognize how to preserve food.
4. Understand time, temperature, and control with relation to food handling and how to properly take the temperature of food and maintain the temperature while storing food.
5. Discuss personal hygiene importance and practices, and food handling practices and techniques.
6. Understand procedures for acquiring and receiving food, considerations for meat and poultry, and proper food storage.
7. Identify both proper and improper cleaning and sanitizing procedures and implications.
8. Identify signs and eradication procedures for pest infestation.

Final Exam
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Chapter 1 - Introduction to food safety Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Biohazards, foodborne illness, and food spoilage Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - Contamination Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - Food and temperature control Chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Employee health, hygiene, and training Chapter 5

Chapter 6 - Purchasing, receiving, and storing food Chapter 6

Chapter 7 - Cleaning and sanitizing Chapter 7

Chapter 8 - Pest control Chapter 8