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Illinois - Sexual Harassment Prevention for Management

Illinois - Sexual Harassment Prevention for Management
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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is crucial for employers to protect their staff, customers, and business. It serves as a defense against improper conduct and guarantees a safe and comfortable environment for all. As more states mandate such training, employers must find programs that comply with federal and state regulations and offer pertinent information that benefits their employees' specific situations. This course is approximately 120 minutes.

You will be awarded a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course and achieving a minimum score of 80% on the final exam. Join us in taking proactive steps to foster a responsible workplace environment.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention for Management - Illinois Chapter 1

Understanding Sexual Harassment Chapter 2
Your staff will learn to identify sexual harassing behaviors using clear information and helpful examples based on real experiences of those in the food industry.

Preventing Sexual Harassment Chapter 3
Your staff will learn strategies to prevent sexual harassment from happening by identifying problematic behaviors and reviewing helpful tips from those working in the food industry.

Addressing Sexual Harassment Chapter 4
Your staff will learn the resources available to help them address sexual harassment if it occurs and partner with their employer to resolve and move forward.

Additional state requirements. Chapter 5
* Additional Topics maybe included based on state requirements.