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Final Exam
Yes - 70% Score Required to Pass

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Course Description

This course supports all those who are preparing for certification as a Food Safety Manager. This certification, which is accredited in the United States of America by the Conference for Food Protection and the American National Standards Institute, is a benchmark for the food industry and part of a global standard in food safety education. This course covers food safety issues, regulations, and techniques to maintain a food-safe environment. It will help you to better understand how handling food correctly is not only the law, but it improves safety and lowers cost as well.

At the conclusion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Discuss food safety, its importance, and those who enforce it.
  • Identify foodborne illness and its causes.
  • Identify biological, physical, and chemical contamination.
  • Describe preservation and temperature control.
  • Discuss the importance of proper personal hygiene in the workplace.
  • Implement appropriate procedures to receive and store food.
  • Discuss cleaning, sanitization, pest control, and facility design.
  • Create and implement the HACCP system.


Section 750.551 Certification and Recertification Issuance

a) For purposes of certification and recertification for food service sanitation manager certification, the Department shall accept only training approved by the Department and certification exams accredited under standards developed and adopted by the Conference for Food Protection or its successor. (Section 3 of the Food Handling Regulation Enforcement Act)
b) Original certifications and recertifications issued under this Part shall:
1) Be issued only after the Department has received:
A) Evidence of completion of eight hours of Department-approved training;
B) Evidence of successful completion of an approved Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification examination with a final score of 75% or higher;
C) Payment of a $35 nonrefundable fee;
2) Be issued as of the date when the individual successfully completed the examination;
3) Expire five years after the date of the original issuance; and
4) Be issued only if recertification training was taken not more than 12 months prior to the certification expiration date. has been approved by IDPH and the City of Chicago to offer the 8 hour training. We have also been accredited by the American National Standards Institute as having met the standards of the Conference for Food Protection to offer the National Food Manager Exam through Test Centers throughout Illinois and the City of Chicago. Our instructor, Lori Randall, is available to answer any questions regarding course material or reporting your credits to the state.

We ask that you contact Lori Randall at when you have completed both the training course and the exam (which would need to have been administered through a test center in front of a proctor). The State of Illinois and the City of Chicago require you to pass with a 75% or better in order for them to recognize that you have successfully completed the exam. The instructor will need proof of completion of both the course and the exam, along with your mailing address, the county associated with your mailing address, and your social security number. We advise you to attach a copy of both certificates to your email notification to her. You may also share your additional information by fax at 773-821-6910. She will prepare the necessary paperwork for you to be properly reported to the State.

End of Course Instructions
Upon successful completion of this course, the certificate of completion will be available from your training page.

14 Chapters

Introduction to Food Safety
Chapter 1

Biohazards, Foodborne Disease, and Food Spoilage
Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Food and Temperature Control
Chapter 4

Employee Health, Hygiene, and Training
Chapter 5

Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing Food
Chapter 6

Cleaning and Sanitizing
Chapter 7

Pest Control
Chapter 8

Facility Design
Chapter 9

HACCP System Basics
Chapter 10

FDA Guidelines for Developing a HACCP System
Chapter 11

Developing, Implementing, and Maintaining a HACCP Plan
Chapter 12

Seafood HACCP
Chapter 13

Consumer Steps to Safer Seafood
Chapter 14