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Active Shooter Awareness Training
This training program teaches preparedness to plan for, detect, and react to an active shooter or other critical scenarios in which an armed attacker is present.

The program has two course categories, one for all employees and another for management and business owners. These training courses put the primary focus on prevention, but the conclusions of each course also provide safety guidelines should an armed attack occur.
The employee training course focuses on preventative measures including recognizing credible threats, reporting threats to supervision, and operating procedures in the event of an attack. There are six chapters with a quiz at the end of each section and a final test at the completion of the training. Each employee will receive a certificate of completion.

The management course is a comprehensive preparedness module that provides guidance regarding risk and threat assessments, written plans, and drills and training exercises. Also provided with the course: an active shooter policy template, U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines, and a self-assessment tool.